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LIXIL Community Day 2023


LIXIL Community Day is an annual event aimed at strongly expressing the company’s concern, sharing, and responsibility with the community where the company operates. In Vietnam, there are currently more than 170,000 children who lack the care of their parents, many of whom live in poverty or are abandoned. The number of orphans accounts for 1% of the total number of children nationwide and is 50 times higher than in Japan. In Vietnam, centers such as orphanages are distributed in many localities. Here, the children go to school and have their basic needs met.

On Friday, October 27, continuing the activities of last year, with the desire to contribute to society and bring smiles to the children, LGMV decided to accompany Hoa Mai orphanage to organize activities. October is a month with many events in the company, so we could not organize activities on Saturday, leading to fewer opportunities to interact with the children as they had to go to school. However, including Japanese people, there were still 113 participants. The participating members came to visit and handed over the entire heart of the collective of factory staff to the orphanage.
At the same time, we have excellently completed all the tasks set out in the plan, including: painting and repairing the children’s rooms, repairing the electrical and water systems, planting trees, cleaning the yard, cooking and playing with the children...

Thank you to all the members who participated enthusiastically in this meaningful activity, together sharing love to less fortunate lives.

❤️ Give Love To Give Love ❤️